Broken Teeth

We effectively and swiftly restore the functional problem with a beautiful result.

Root Canals

Anxiety surrounding root canals often overpowers the rational decision to choose this very successful option. Fact is, our patients feel no pain during the procedure, and millions of root canals every year are completed with little to no post-operative discomfort. Plus, over 90% of teeth with their first root-canal function flawlessly for many long years.

Crowns and Caps

A crown or cap is a restoration that allows a badly decayed or fractured tooth to comfortably function for years. Dr. Carlisi is committed to conserving as much of the your original tooth structure as possible, so that the result is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.


Dental Emergencies

Pain doesn't take a holiday, and a painful tooth is never convenient. We do our best to see you for same-day emergencies, knowing that a hospital emergency room can only offer medication for treatment of dental pain and infection, and you'll still have to visit a dentist for your long-term solution. Carlisi Restorative Dentistry will identify and treat the source of your pain for about the same cost as an emergency hospital visit. So whenever pain strikes—weekends, holidays—call us. We're here for you, when you need us most.

Prescott's Trusted Dentist Since 1995

Prescott patients trust Dr. Carlisi, and for good reason!

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• Mutual respect
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• Increasing education
• Personalized care
• Low-stress environment