Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is by far the most engaging and dynamic part of dentistry. Many dentists have the perception that it is one part of a dental practice or certain procedures that are isolated. Tooth colored filling materials choices have revolutionized many aspects of teeth restoration. It is so good to be a part of a profession that can offer, in varying degrees for most everyone, esthetic choices, that 50 years ago were not available. Although, just “white fillings” are not the only endpoint of what is necessary to take care of any and all teeth.  

Tooth colored fillings materials have been developed for many years. The introduction of modern bonding procedures, had its start in the 1970s. Bonding as we use today replaced what many patients experience before these days. In those days, the use of metal brackets that often were very strong and functional (providing good eating) but in today’s standard they were not aesthetically pleasing because metal was showing.  

The esthetic zone for every person is individual. Thus, the discussion with the dentist is an important and necessary event to account of all the needs. It must be a patient centered approach.  The whole goal of cosmetic dentistry is what the dentist can accomplish to allow the restoration to disappear into a beautiful smile. Therefore, the successful cosmetic dentist can be best known by what’s unknown to his patient’s friends or family. The other effect of recognizing the aesthetic need because of the breakdown of natural tooth structure during function or parafunction (grinding, clenching or other habits: biting objects, sucking high acid foods, or being in a gritty environment) that can destroy good aesthetics. By identifying the sources of breakdown, the dentist can recommend protective measures so future breakdown is minimized. In the use of good diagnosis, many times it may not be the color, but the correcting the shape of the mouth or tooth groups that can have a more direct, positive effect on what looks attractive. All of this begins with the patient’s question: ” What about my smile do I like?” 


God Bless and be healthy. 

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