Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

The COVID19 Virus can become a serious health condition for some, especially those with compromised immune systems or other health conditions.  We are following all AZ State regulations concerning this virus to keep our patients and staff safe.  

Our office is open and is available for emergency dental treatment with additional precautions to ensure the safety of those coming.  Beginning on May 1, 2020 we will begin seeing patients with elective dental procedures in addition to those with more urgent needs.  

Our office policies include:  

For all staff and patients experiencing any symptoms of coughing, sneezing or fever of 100° we are asking that you call the office prior to your appointment and postpone your appointment 2 weeks past these infection markers. All sick people that enter the office will be turned away.  (We apologize if you believe those symptoms to be allergies, we must judge this being especially cautious with everyone’s safety in mind.) 

If you are experiencing any cold symptoms, we encourage you to call your primary care physician and isolate at home for 7 days after the beginning of a cold symptom and at least 72 hours after a fever.  Your physician will request testing if they feel you are showing signs of contracting COVID19. 

You may notice the reception area is austere with a minimalist approach, allowing a cleaner, safer space. Please notify our staff upon arrival so we can bring you into your treatment room more quickly. 

All patients are now asked to rinse with an oral anti-microbial solution upon arriving.  

Our protocol to clean each treatment room has been enhanced with more time allowed in the schedule between patients.  

We maintain social distancing between staff and patients whenever possible.  

Thank you again for your patronage.  We hope these precautions show evidence that your health is our highest priority.   

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