Dental Crowns

     A crown or cap is a dental restoration that attempts to replicate the part of a tooth that is showing above the gum. The most important part of the successful longevity of the crown is the accurate measurement of the natural tooth and sizing of the crown. The traditional method in making a crown includes: impressions, casting, “waxing” and casting. Quality Control is needed at every stage. Most of this evaluation is accomplished by the dentist.  Re-evaluation continues at future check-ups with x-rays and exams. This process is successful to the limitation of the visualization access.

Because a crown is shaped outside of the mouth the accuracy of the fit is more predictable and has a longer potential longevity than filling the same tooth.

Crowns on average will protect a tooth for 12 years when depending on the size. Fillings are expected to last 5-7 years. The larger the filling the shorter the potential.

It is especially important that brushing and flossing and routine dental office visits sustain any treatment.  By examining your dental/medical health, the status of what additional preventative recommendations may assist optimal health. No one individual is exactly the same and recommendations will vary.

Diet, medications, past dental treatment and understanding of affective brushing and flossing technique will play a role in dental success.

by Robert Carlisi, DDS, Prescott, AZ


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