Healthy Living

Healthy Living

This space is usually reserved for dental articles and yet today I feel inclined to expand our horizons because it’s the beginning of the year. I was thinking of healthy living and what that consist. Of course, as your dentist the 3 things to keep you healthy in 2018 is Floss, Floss, Floss. Just kidding. In the well- rounded world, there are several areas that come to mind. Number one and we have discussed this in previous articles:  good nutrition is what makes the body run well. You are what you eat.

Also, when we consider the way that our body functions and how well it does, there has to be a consideration for good healthful exercise. Even walking, which seems to be for most people a very relaxing and maybe even leisurely activity, [walking] may turn out to be the most healthful way to exercise known to civilization. And yet walking alone and not working the upper body would be considered not enough. By including simple calisthenics and stretching exercises that twist and turn the joints in a relaxing environment also proves to be very healthful. The misunderstanding about exercising needing to be strenuous is proven false by the longevity and proven healthy activities of the Near East and Far East cultures including nonviolent martial arts such as Tai Chi and yoga.

It would also be remiss to not include the social aspects of exercise and personal interactions such as family conversations and play. There is no substitute for spending time and interacting with those we love. Interesting enough, we can accomplish both the social and other healthy habits of exercise, work and healthy eating at the same time. As I heard on the radio today, getting on the ground and playing with your kids or grandchildren seems like something only healthy adults would participate in.

And if we’re talking about speaking or talking or communicating to someone, how about to God. He who gives us all good things and is very interested in our daily lives, is always waiting to hear from us.

There is also something to be said about healthy habits of organization and declutter. This habit allows peace of mind, and in case you see my consistent thread: a relaxing environment. Lowering the stress is critical in our ever demanding life, prioritizing the areas that are most important. I find it helpful to write down before bed those important needs of the next day. Then, when seen on a list, with respect to a realistic time frame, I can note those optional errands that are not needed. I hope this year, is our best yet.

God Bless and be healthy.

Dr. Robert J. Carlisi

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